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The Washi Tape Shop 2022 Best Info The Washi Tape Shop Reviews is our todays topic. The Christmas season involves decorating your house to reflect the spirit of the holiday. If you want to construct some unique Christmas tree and house decorations. You must check out the fantastic washi tape selection available at the Washi Tape Shop. The shop provides international shipping.

It deliver to India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Mexico for a reasonable price. In these assessments, you may examine the website’s policies and its credibility. Washi Tape Shop Evaluations

The Washi Tape Shop 2022 Best Info The Washi Tape Shop Reviews

The Washi Tape Shop 2022 Best Info The Washi Tape Shop Reviews

What Exactly Is The Washi Tape Shop?

According to the “About Us” website of the Washi Tape Shop. It is an online stationery company that also sells washi tapes. Utilizing a Japanese high-definition washing tape machine, the website makes gorgeous cassettes. The website’s biodegradable printing technique enables the production of vibrant glide tapes. Examining the cassette will reveal the alluring artwork.

Currently, the Black Friday deal is taking on on the site’s website. During this deal, customers may get a 20 percent discount on their selected washi tape purchases. Immediately take advantage of the deal!

Let’s examine the various products offered. The online shop offers Bullet notebooks, Washi Tape Planner stickers, a fountain pen key chain, and bookmarks, among other items. But, is The Washi Tape Shop authentic?

What Special Features Does The Washi Tape Shop Have?

Products with connections to the website

  • – Washi tape, key chains, planner stickers, among other items
  • Email address-
  • The telephone number is not made public.
  • 116 Royal Valley Drive, Ontario L7B 1G5 is the address of the organisation.
  • Newsletter-available
  • Links to social media – supplied
  • Free shipping on purchases up to $25.
  • Shipping duration- fifteen to twenty-five business days
  • 14-day return policy for orders
  • Refund policy- no information
  • American Express, VISA, PayPal, DISCOVER, MasterCard, Diners Club, etc. are acceptable methods of payment.
  • Before shopping on the website’s Black Friday sale, it is worthwhile to read these Washi Tape Shop Reviews.

A Listing Of The Washi Tape Shop’s Positive Features

  • The website has an official mail server and SSL encryption.
  • The website has genuine social media connections.
  • There are several insightful comments on the website.
  • Orders under $25 estimate a modest delivery fee.
  • It may repay within fourteen business days.

Disadvantages Of The Washi Tape Shop

The company’s phone number is not available on the website.

Is The Washi Tape Shop Authenticated?

This essay will expose the legitimacy of the internet store. There are several fraudulent websites on the Internet that purport to sell authentic things at low prices to attract customers and achieve their fraud aims.

Don’t fret In this post, we’ve outlined a few of the criteria for determining a website’s authenticity. Which will enable you to discern its true purpose. The worldwide internet traffic has a very low Alexa rank of 375,635 according to Alexa. The site’s trustworthiness score is poor, at 35%.

  • Customer reviews – We’ve compiled good reviews of The Washi Tape Shop Reviews from online sources as well as the website itself.
  • The trust ranking is lower than the average, which is 58.6 percent.
  • The main website offers connections to active social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Domain registration date
  • The date of domain creation is September 16, 2017.
  • Website domain expiry date – the domain end date is September 16, 2022.
  • The about us page is comprehensive, and the necessary product description has also been provided.

What Do Customers Have To Say About The Washi Tape Shop?

On the official website, there is a prominent link to the Trustpilot page where consumers may provide feedback. The site has achieved a positive rating of 4.94 out of 5 stars based on customer feedback, and customers have also provided great evaluations.

The Bottom Line

The washi tape assortment on the website well known worldwide. It would be great to get unique discounts now that the website has bely established. Still, before making a buy, be sure to read the complete Washi Tape Show Reviews.

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